Welcome to the imaginative world of Liz Roadifer

I’ve had many people ask me why, if I write psychological thrillers, do I also write romantic fantasy. The answer is easy. My brain needs balance. After months writing a fast-paced thriller about murder and mayhem, danger and testy relationships, it’s nice to take a mental vacation and write about love and humor, magic and mayhem. Yes, mayhem is a constant because without conflict, a book would be boring. At least in my romantic fantasies, the mayhem isn’t so hard-edged and desperate. Plus it’s fun to visit the magical town of Peace & Prosperity and explore its wide range of eccentric and mythical citizens, its back alleys, crazy laws, and fantastic shops. One never knows who or what is waiting around the corner. With pesky, playful, fun-loving fairies around, it’s never a dull moment.

Because I like adventure stories, I now have the first book of my YA trilogy available. Morning Star is the first of three books in the Wind Riders of R.A.H.M. series. Part science fiction, part post-apocalyptic, part coming of age story. The main character, Morning Star, is on a dangerous quest to find her missing brothers. She’s the first female to fly the Wind River, and the first to fly without wings. The deep, dark secrets she’ll uncover about her planet Rahm will upend everything and everyone she holds dear.

As for my Peace & Prosperity series, it is interesting to note that though The Trouble with Fairies is the first book in the Peace & Prosperity series, it was written after I wrote The Trouble with Pirates. Fiction writers have a longstanding and sometimes troublesome rapport with their characters (something that only other writers can understand). That’s what happened with me and Rick Lawson, my pirate mayor in The Trouble with Pirates. Every time I began work on Fairies, Rick would barge into my thoughts and start showing me a scene from his story. This happened for weeks. It became so frustrating that eventually I threw my hands up in surrender and said, “Fine. I’ll write your story first.” And I did. Even though everything that happens in Pirates had to happen after Joy and Harry met in Fairies, I wrote Pirates first. Thankfully, after I had the draft of Pirates written, Rick stopped bugging me and I was able to then write all of Fairies without his interference. Of course, after Fairies was published, some revisions had to be made in Pirates to match unforeseen events that occurred in Fairies while I was writing that story.

Fortunately, wizards have a ton of patience and usually trust events will work out for the good of all. Not once did Wizard Zach pop into my mind while I was writing the first two Peace & Prosperity books, for which I am very grateful. The Trouble with Wizards flowed as a story should, on target with no interference.

Hopefully, as I begin writing the last in the Peace & Prosperity series, The Trouble with Brothers, everything will flow smoothly.

In the meantime, I’m working on the third book in the Gillian Dohr, The Oracle, suspense series. First two chapters are already done. I had originally planned on this book being completed by now, but when the pandemic hit in 2020, the world got too serious to write a serious book, which is why I spent 2020 writing Wizards and escaping into the fantasy romance world of Peace & Prosperity.