Liz Roadifer

Liz Roadifer is the award-winning author of The Oracle suspense series, the Peace & Prosperity fantasy romance series, and the YA science fiction series Wind Riders of R.A.H.M. As with most of her stories, she enjoys putting her characters in unusual danger, adding twists and turns to the plot, and then figuring out how to save them in the nick of time. Inserting humor, romance, odd characters, and interesting locales adds to her joy of writing.

She is also a poet and columnist whose work has been appeared in newspapers, magazines, and literary journals, as well as a writing instructor at workshops and conferences.

Born and raised in New Jersey near New York City, she attended the University of Wyoming and fell in love with the wide-open sky, the high plains, the friendly laid-back people of Wyoming, and a certain cowboy from a ranch near Sundance. She now lives in a small town outside of Cheyenne with her husband and enjoys spending time with her sons, daughter-in-law, and three rambunctious grandchildren.