The Trouble With Fairies

NERFAwinnerThe Trouble With Fairies

The Trouble With Fairies – a Romantic Fantasy

A runaway fairy accidentally transports Joy Flint to the fantasy town of Peace & Prosperity. As a public school teacher, Joy has learned to roll with the punches and be flexible, so exploring a town full of elves, dwarfs, trolls, Sasquatch, sprites, and a family of Cyclopes should be fun compared to the terrors of her classroom. Except for two glaring problems: the magical town is in the midst of a dangerous wizard duel, and she can’t find a way back home.

On the Peace side of town, its mayor, Harradorn, suffers from a damsel-in-distress curse. Every time the unwelcome outsider gets into trouble, the curse forces him to rescue her. It doesn’t help that all outsiders like Joy are forced to stay forever to insure the town’s secrecy. Still, with every rescue, his heart is glad she’s not going anywhere.

With a bit of trickery and a wizard’s help, Joy escapes. But with a fairy still living with her, nothing is that simple. Harradorn shows up. His town has fallen under a horrific spell and Joy holds the key to releasing them. It’s risky. Deadly. Even if they succeed, one last evil lurks that may prevent this tale from having a happy ending.

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